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Where to Shop for the Best Deals Online


I’m not the type of person to fall into a full on shopping addiction. I absolutely hate trying on clothes, I hate the crowds, I hate driving from place to place trying to find a good parking spot. And I hate how guilty I feel when I get an awesome spot right up front. Cuz even though I feel a sense of accomplishment… I also know my fat ass could have used the excersize. But aside from all that, I sure do find it hard to pass up a good deal.

Most of my shopping is done online. Unless I physically need to be somewhere to try something on or I’m buying groceries. But the convenience of shopping online is incredible! No crowds, no lines, no parking and no pants! That’s right! You don’t even have to wear pants!

Now, one thing you might want to do before you go crazy looking for deals online is to create a new email for yourself. One thing I’ve found very helpful is to sign up for emails from any store or company you like. A lot of websites will give you money off for first time you purchase from their site. For example, Wayfair gives its first time customers a 10% discount! But it doesn’t take very long before you’re swamped with emails from here and there with the latest coupons and deals. It can get pretty overwhelming. So, I like to have a separate email for all that so I can easily separate my ads from my bills.

Now, remember, just because something is a good deal, it doesn’t mean you need it! Believe me, I’ve fallen into that many times and sometimes I still do. But if you find the perfect gift for someone and you know there’s no way you’re gonna find it for cheaper cuz you’re getting an amazing deal on it right now, by all means, go for it! There’s nothing worse than paying full price for something cuz you waited too long and didn’t buy it when it was on sale, plus you had that 20% off coupon to top it off.

I like to check my inbox daily so I can easily figure out what deals are worth my time and which ones go straight to the trash folder. After I see what deals are being offered, I figure out what I might need from that particular store. Then I go straight to Retailmenot to see if the have any coupon codes I can apply to my purchase. They offer promo codes and sales from so many different sites like GrouponKohlsAmazon and hundreds more!

I do, of course, have a few favorite store that I check out from time to time, even when there’s no sale. For example, I love Michaels Crafts! I do a lot of DIY crafting and I get most of my supplies from there. When I find something I need, I’ll add it to my cart and leave it there. After a few days, Michaels usually sends an email saying that you forgot these items in your cart and there’s usually a promo code for discounted or free shipping. Plus, you can stack more than one coupon code towards  your purchase. Jo-Ann Fabrics only lets you use one. And don’t forget to go through your MyPoints or Swagbucks account to get points from your purchase to use towards gift cards!

I’m also a big fan of Kohls, Amazon and Old Navy! You can score some AMAZING deals from these stores. Plus, they each have their own rewards program so the more you buy, the more you earn! BUT… Don’t forget to read the fine print for any coupon, deal, sale or promotion. Sometimes the best sounding sales can be a bit misleading. And one more thing… Have fun! Happy shopping and gapping saving!

Where is your favorite place to shop for the best deals? Write a comment and share your experience!

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