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5 Great Ways to Get FREE Samples!


Who doesn’t love free samples?!?! I mean, they’re free and you get to sample before you decide to actually purchase the item or not. What’s better than THAT?! Seriously. If you don’t have a special place in your heart for free samples, please, take a moment to check your pulse! I’ll wait…

I, for one, love free samples. I love getting a fun new product in the mail to try out. Some things are great to add to a gift basket for someone else, others are convenient for traveling and some things are total crap and end up getting tossed straight into the garbage.

But regardless of what samples you get or whether you love it or leave it, first, you need to know where to find them and learn how to rule out the worth its from the worthless.

Here’s my list of sure fire ways to get some totally worthwhile samples:

  1. ilovefreethings– This was where it all started for me. I remember coming across this site one day and thinking “Wow! This site has it all! There’s no way it’s legit!” Well, turns out it is! I’ve been receiving samples through ilovefreethings for about 6 years now. The first thing I ever received was a Circulon frying pan! Ever since then, I was in love! I don’t bother with the free magazine subscriptions offered because those are a always nonsense. But I’ve gotten free baby items, toiletries, makeup, rubber bracelets, socks, cell phone covers/screen protectors and all kinds of other fun things! is also an app, so you can receive notifications when new free things are posted.
  2. BzzAgent– This is a great site to get full size samples!!! First of all, BzzAgent works with MyPoints and you can earn MyPoints rewards for your BzzAgent activity. Also, when you sign up with BzzAgent and MyPoints and make your first $20 (min.) purchase (during the first 30 days of membership), you will receive $10 (in the form of 1,750 points with MyPoints)! And with BzzAgent your samples are sent based on the survey questions you answer about your lifestyle and daily life. They’re somewhat customized to you. For example, if you have a dog and you answered in one of the surveys that you only have a dog, they won’t be sending you samples of cat food. To continue receiving full size products through BzzAgent your account must stay active and up to date. I’ve been using BzzAgent for about 2 years now and I’ve received coupons for free iced coffee, Gillette razors, shaving cream and Beech Nut Organic baby food.
  3. Pinch Me– I came across Pinch Me a few years ago and right away, I loved it! Every month they offer all kinds of free samples that are mailed to your home in the next few weeks. All they ask for you to continue receiving samples from them is to answer a few questions and write a short review about the products you received. So far, I’ve gotten items such as veggie chips, granola bars, dog food, Nutrident, Advil and laundry detergent! Use my referral code so you can start receiving these awesome sample products too! 4VZ4X
  4. Snail Mail/E-Mail– Some of the BEST samples I have ever received have been straight from the source. E-mailing a company isn’t a bad choice. But actually handwriting a letter, stating how much you love/hate a certain product they make and why, really makes an impression. It really shows the company that you enjoy their product so much that you took the time to tell them so. And usually you end up receiving a letter from the company thanking you for being a loyal customer of theirs and they might throw in a few samples or coupons for money off or even for free products! I have received an envelope full of free Beech-Nut baby food coupons, a box of full size Boogie Wipes products and a gift basket full of Burt’s Bees products for my husband when he was deployed with a thank you letter for his service! Even if you are writing because you have a bone to pick with them, you might receive something in return. As long as you are appropriate and open minded to continue being a loyal consumer of their products, as long as they work on fixing your problems and concerns, you might receive an apology letter and a few samples and coupons. I did this with Gerber once. I bought a few jars of baby food that upon opening were very watery and yucky. So, I wrote and told them my concerns and said I would otherwise love to continue purchasing this brand. A few weeks later I received an envelope FULL of coupons for free baby food! But don’t forget to be honest when you write to a company. Don’t make up some crazy nonsense about how much you love or hate a product just to up your chances of getting some samples. Write to companies you enjoy and thank them for continuing to put out such great products and kindly ask if they have any promotions going on or if they wouldn’t mind sending you a few samples of any new products they have coming out. And don’t be disappointed if they don’t send anything back. A lot of companies are just too big and letters get pushed aside. There is a lot of luck though with some smaller companies. And they really do appreciate the feedback.
  5. Ask!– Don’t be shy! If you’re at The BJ’s or The Sam’s Club or The Costco or any other giant, wholesale, economy sized ketchup selling place that you know has free samples on the reg, just ask! Any samples going on today? Where? When? What? A lot of times samples are given out when a new food product is out. You can always ask for a sample at the Deli counter at the grocery store. Want to try that cheese or piece of turkey before you buy a whole pound? Ask for a slice! It’s also great for when you’re shopping with kids! “Here’s a piece of cheese. Now eat slowly while I enjoy a moment of silence!” The beauty store and even your hair salon is always a great place to ask for samples! These places are ALWAYS getting in new products to try out from big, fancy, name brand companies like Redken, Dermalogica, Bare Essentials and OPI. Ask your hair dresser if they have any samples of the products used on your hair. And ask that girl at the beauty store counter with the chronic resting bitch face if they have any new samples in. Simple as that!

Do you have a website or app that’s your go-to for free samples? Or is there a certain store you just can’t leave before asking if they have any new sample products? Where do you go for free samples? Comment below and let me know! 🙂

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